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Michelle911 wrote:

Yes,  except for the fact it's more than 1 preset.  there's at least two.  I didn't make a note of which preset until it happened twice.  Anyhow, I just sent the email off.

I tried to reproduce the problem you were having loading the preset you sent me — Beecuz — but I couldn't.  It loaded fine for me.  And I looked at the preset file, and it looked ok.  All the values seemed appropriate.

I'm asking myself if your MIDI connection to your stompbox might not be 100% rock solid.  I know you were experiencing some noise when connecting via USB, but it would be helpful to know whether you see the same behavior when connecting via USB.  

By the way we had another user run into the same noise issues with USB, but they were able to solve the problem by getting a USB isolator.  Here's the forum thread:


And here's the isolator they got: