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Eventide Staff

Hi Meekee73, 


The tuner is super accurate to below 1 cent, so I think b/c of that, things can jump around, especially for bass guitar notes which are never exactly "in tune" throughout the duration of the note attack and decay (I speak as a bass player).  We could've slowed down the response and reduced the accuracy by "smoothing out" the response, but chose to keep it accurate.  I actually use this tuner to intonate my bass because it's so accurate.  Beyond that, a few pointers: 

1. Make sure there are no other strings ringing out (obvious I know, but sometimes when the output is muted you don't notice)

2. Tune to the harmonics at the 12th fret, as these tend to have a stronger fundamental than a fretted note. 

3. Also, figure out what part of the note you want to be accurately "in tune", E.G. if you dig in hard and punchy or slap alot, make sure the intitial hits are in tune, OR, if you have a ligher touch you'll want to tune to the sustain of the note.

Hope that helps!