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teacue wrote:

Thanks a lot for your answer.

Thanks a lot also for the fact that, as I wanted to make a more detailed answer, I had to a have a deeper look to Octavox.

And … I noticed that I fully oversaw the "Pitch Tracking" option!

I realize now that deactivating "Pitch Tracking" allows to get tones outside from a scale smiley

Also using the "Pitch Cent" function one can get any altered intervals one needs.

Both facts already make the most of my previous features request obsolete!

So, sorry for the unnecessary noise.

Great, glad you got it sorted out! 

teacue wrote:

About the second part of your answer:

No, I was not asking about using scales with Midi Mode.

Mainly because until now I could not find a practical use for this mode because of the fact that it works only on already recorded material.

But it could be that I still not fully understand how this mode really works.

I will search further.

But of course any added feature is welcome smiley

Again thanks for your answer and for your work.

MIDI mode is mostly intended to be used as a live performance tool (if you were using a DAW such as Mainstage or Ableton Live), or to enhance compososition abilities with the plug-in. The idea being that you can quickly change intervals with a keyboard on the fly. If you are using the plug-in in a mix, then the feature is less applicatble. (Of course, not saying you couldn't find a way to use it in that scenario.)

teacue wrote:

PS. Any hint on what next Plugin from Anthology X will be available on his own?

I would love a combination of H910 together with H949 wink

I'm afraid I can't say much on that…but rest assurred we are considering what end users are requesting!