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Intersting…. I will try what you say and report back… I’m thinking there is something wrong with midi here (tho I can’t imagine what, my midi works great between my daw and my keyboards/drum machine, audio interface and footcontroller)…  but I’m guessing you’re right because when I try sending midi CC messages to H9 Control it just crashes.  I can’t get any of my midi devices to talk to H9 – Axiom Air49, Axiom25, TriggerFingerPro, and what would REALLY be cool, consider this on my wishlist 😉  is my Source Audio HotHand midi controller.  I would dearly love to use that with my H9.


anyhow, I’ll try what you said and maybe have to buy an isolator…… or wait for my IGs…  the electrician is sort of a friend so he’d be doing it for nearly nothing