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Jamie: If you assign the cc value on “Activate” in the H9 control app instead of “Bypass” it solves the light issue. I.e. Light on=effect on. 

I think I misunderstood your original question. I took a look and using the Space Algoritim – SpaceTime program, I was able to assign a cc value on the Ground Control expression pedal to correspond to that on the “Set parameter 7” cc value on the H9 control app. Now I can bring in the level of the delay with the expression pedal from none at all and full up. I haven’t tried it with a momentary switch though – but it would likely work – if not through the IA switch then possibly using one of the expression out jacks. So it seems you can in fact control one of the 2 effects in a pacth independently. 

Not sure if this is what you were after, but give it a go.

Thanks for your post by the way; as I wouldn’t have thought to try that otherwise.