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JoeyPeloso wrote:

I just bought blackhole and everything went through but it is late and i realized i put my iloks serial number rather than my ilok username. 

The money went through an i got the conformation email. Will i get the license? Help im freakin out right now. 

Did you buy Blackhole in our integrated webstore, i.e. at eventideaudio.com, or did you buy it at www.eventidestore.com?  The process is a little bit different in each case.  If you bought it in our integrated webstore, then please check the iLok License Manager to see if your license is there.  If it's not, then please send an email to support@eventide.com with the iLok user name you accidentally entered and the correct iLok user name and we'll get things sorted out for you.  If you bought it at eventidestore.com, then it shouldn't matter as you control where the license goes when you get the confirmation email with the serial number and license key for the plugin.