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kenhan wrote:

I noticed that H9 Control for iOS automatically updated to 2.6.1. But when I searched for the Mac version it is still at 2.6.0. Is this an oversight? Also, it would be nice to have an automatic update, or a good update notification, built into H9 Control for Mac. Thanks.

No, it's not an oversight. We updated the iOS build to fix an iOS specific issue.  We haven't made a v2.6.1 for Mac.  We are working on fixing some desktop specific issues though at the moment, and we will soon put out desktop updates.  But those will get a version number greater than v2.6.1 because it's not exactly the same code as the v2.6.1 release…

There actually is an update notification feature in the Mac version of H9 Control, but we use it pretty sparingly as we don't want to annoy people with excessive notifications.