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7enderbender wrote:


1. The H9 can be set to bypass via midi program (!) change, right? Basically, you recall any patch but in the "off" mode (if it was stored that way). Is that a hardwired/relay bypass or is that only available as the procssed bypass that goes through the AD/DA engine?


You configure your H9 to use relay bypass or DSP bypass.  A preset that is loaded in bypass will use whatever the system is set to.  So, if you configure your H9 to use relay bypass, bypassed presets will be bypassed with relays.


7enderbender wrote:


2. If I buy a used (!) H9 max and later a second H9 core – will that H9 core turn into a max even though I bought my max used? Is there anything I need to watch when buying a used H9 max – such as the previous owner having to de-register it or anything like it?



Yes. A used H9 max can be used to put all of the algorithms on a Core too.  


There's not really anything in particular you need to look out for when buying a used unit.  It would be preferable for the previous owner to unregister it before they send it to you, because if you need us to take care of that, it may take a few days (particularly on weekends).  But that's about it.