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jaybic1 wrote:

Hello all,


Is there a way to make my H9 Max be on bypass as the default rather than active?  I have set it up to use Continuous Control messages to do this.

For instance….I run a triaxis to a TC G major 2 and then the H9 and out to the power amp.  All switching is done by way of a Vodoo Labs Ground Control Pro.  I want to be able to go from on preset to another and have the H9 be on bypass all the time until I kick it on with my foot. regardless of preset switching.  Currently when I step it into bypass mode and then change the preset on the GCP it changes to the correct algo but always comes on as ACTIVE and sometimes that is a bad thing.  trying to go from a chorus/clean to a dry dirty doesnt work to good when the H9 brings in the harmonizer patch(which I will need for a later solo) but dont need to play the dry dirty rythym parts………

OR better yet, is there a way to progam it so that it is ACTIVE in one present and when I switch to another it is in BYPASS…until I need to kick it on?

I also have tried to store it so that the GCP can toggle it between ACTIVE and BYPASS and I sorta works but sometimes I have to step on the button twice to get it to bypass and twice again to get it to come back to active….My TC unit never has this issue

Whatever state you save the preset in on the h9 is how it will be recalled.  Bypass the preset and then save the preset and it will be recalled bypassed.