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I am not sure I understand…sorry….not super clever with this MIDI stuff…..As I understand it, if  I go back and bypass the presets I want to come on as bypassed and save them, thats how they will come up as(bypassed) when I call them up using my GCP.  Is that correct?  I essentially want to never have to touch the H9 other that to kick it from bypass to active while in a given preset…all switching of presets will hopefully occur using the GCP.  I hope I am on the right track.

As far as why it takes  two button pushes on the GCP to get it to go from active to bypass or vice versa, could that be because I am using a CC value of 118 rather than 127(full value)?  I can switch my TC unit to bypass mode with just a touch of the #2 button on the GCP and it works.  I have #1 assigned to bypass the H9 and transmitting on CC118 but sometimes(not always but most of the time I guess) I have to hit the button twice to get it to bypass and twice to get it back to active…



Thanks again for the help,