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OK, so I did some experimenting last night and here’s where I currently am:

guitar input -> H9#1 input 1

H9#1 output 1 -> compressor -> overdrive -> H9#2 input 1

H9#2 output 1 -> amp input

H9#1 input 2 -> fx loop in

H9#1 output 2 -> H9#2 input 2

H9#2 output 2 -> fx loop out


Here are my questions:

What happens when both of the H9’s are bypassed? Is the default routing input/output 1? I would like the signal to go straight into the front of the amp with both H9’s off.

If I engage both H9’s, pre sends the signal to the front of the amp and post sends it to the fx loop?

If I engage only the first H9, does it follow the same path as above? what if I only engage H9 #2?


All of this is because the harmonizer presets sound like absolute garbage in my loop, and I need to make them useable. However, I prefer the majority of my fx in the loop, particularly reverbs and delays. So my first H9 does most of my harmonizing, along with wah and some modulation and my second H9 does some modulation and all of my delays and verbs.

Any help or suggestions would be most appreciated! Again, in a perfect world my goal is to have both pre and post options by preset on both H9’s, and ALSO have the option to send either or both to either the front of the amp or to the fx loop, or send presets on H9 #1 to the front and presets on H9#2 to the loop. I think I have the first two with this setup, but is the third option viable? I’m not clear enough on the routing defaults to know…