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brock wrote:


Here’s one way to do it.  I’m using an FCB 1010; you may be able to set up something similar in your rig.

Each footswitch sends a MIDI CC message along with its Program Change message.  The MIDI CC value alternates between 127 and 0 on every switch press.  In the H9, LEARN this MIDI CC number to ACT(ive), TOG(ggle), or BYP(ass); depending on what state you want called up first when a footswitch is selected.

It will screw with your “trails & tails”, though; whether or not you use DSP+FX as a Bypass mode.  It’s sending the Program Change – reloading the preset – each time that Active / Bypass gets toggled.  That works in some situations.  In others, … not so much.

nice! I`m also using the 1010. One of behringer`s better pieces and a great tool for my needs. In all honesty, it`s an action I`d likely never use. It would really only apply when the next sound I`m going to use is on another bank, and is the same amp setting without the H9 (like going back to my straight lead tone in bank 0 from the harmonized setting in bank 1). But being a bit of a tinkerer (one who tinkers = tinkerer?) it was a curiosity to see if it was possible.