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wedelich wrote:

Well, you might be pleasantly suprised in a few months or so! 

That sounds suspiciously like a ‘Sculpt’ teaser.  (Then again, it *is* April Fool’s Day).  That would mean a multiband distortion (as reported elsewhere), plus a filter.  And one with a “Q” steep & deep enough to carve out a wah when swept.  Intriguing.

I might be in the minority, but I’m seeing digital distortion coming in to its own.  It’s not going to be traditional analog distortion, but it’s currently far beyond that grating ’80’s digital. I see more response & sensitivity to input levels and tone changes.  And that has me returning to the CrushStation algo.

As far as DISTO+WAH goes, I’ll post an example of how to get close in a single algorithm.  This one is voiced for a Systech Overdrive / Triskelion range, with a reversed wah sweep.  Drop BASS and TREBLE, boost the MIDS, and sweep the MIDS FREQ.  Here, the expression pedal sweeps from 1550 Hz. to 200 Hz.  The HotSwitch kicks up DRIVE to 75, and POST-DIST SUSTAIN to 100 for an extra boost.

I actually use two (H9) distortions instances stacked, and ‘sync’ the expression pedals together.  It reinforces the filter, although not really enough.  Of course – if you’re already stacking two H9’s – you can just use CrushStation and Q-Wah for more versatility.  But one advantage of these stacked distortions is in blending two gentler settings in series to build one massive, sustaining composite distortion.