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jayron wrote:

Found a workaround now by assigning one of the buttons of my FS3X to parameter 7 to switch between 2 values, which makes it switch between 2 keys quickly!

The only downside by this workaround is that it is dedicated to be assigned to parameter 7 in every algorhythm and dedicated with these values. So it works but is very limited in usage…  I can’t go in the aux settings during a gig and change the values of parameter 7 each time… 🙁

For a  per-preset & savable variation, map your Aux Switch directly to Performance Switch / PSW / LEARN parameter.  You may also need more than one parameter to shift with one footswitch.  KEY plus SCALE, PITCH intervals, MIX, etc.  More than simple key modulation.  You could map more than one parameter to the same Aux Switch, but it’ll only switch between Off & On; minimum to maximum value.

Instead, configure the H9 expression pedal settings to ‘morph’ between – for example – E MIN and A LYD.  Map your Aux Switch to the expression pedal / PED / “Set expression pedal value (aka HotKnob value).”  Kind of a poor man’s HotSwitch, that snaps between sets of values.  You won’t get those ‘in-between’ positions that you would using an actual expression pedal.  But in this case, that’s an advantage.

I’m with you on the limited practical use of the LEARN function.  I use it, but not that much. It’d be difficult to dump a feature without somehow incorporating LEARN alongside any HotSwitch update. [One weird little trick is to use a latching switch.  Lock the LEARN function on, so it’s always sampling the input for a new Key.]

This may not be an option for you, but I find it more reliable to use MIDI here.  That is, once programmed in, it takes the thinking out of the equation.  And it’s versatile enough to select any Key / Scale comination.  I posted a chart of the Diatonic / QuadraVox values for Key & Scale in this thread:


If you don’t mind, I’d like to hear a little more about your sax processing through pitch shifters …