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Harle000 wrote:

Thanks for your reply. Thats right I have 4 Preset lists. Approx 20 in each of 3 preset list named Red, Blue and green. Gig is an empty list. I don't want to have 1 preset list and save 60 presets to the pedal. I want to select 3 from Blue to Gig, 2 from Red to Gig and 4 from Green to gig.

Well, there's not an easy way to copy a preset from one preset list to another.  The idea was that users would create user presets and add these to various lists.  So, if the presets in the lists red, blue, and green aren't user presets, you'll want to make them available as user presets. You can touch a preset in a preset list to select it, click on the More button, and use the 'Copy to user presets' function to do this.  Then, you'd create your new preset list 'Gig' and use the drag and drop functionality under 'Edit List' to create your list.  

Here's a helpful video about preset management with H9 Control by the way: