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quickfaith wrote:


How long does it usually take for support to get back to you?



It usually takes less than a day.  I'd check your junk mail folder if you haven't received a response in longer than that.  Support is going to ask you to send them a photo of the serial number sticker of the H9.  The serial number looks like H9-12345.  I'd go ahead and send them a second email with that photo of the serial number sticker. 


quickfaith wrote:


If I manage to re register the H9, will I lose all algorythms from it? (I'm unsure whetehr this was un upgradd core unit and Andertons didn't know either)



In your case no.  When you buy a Max, it doesn't matter if it was upgraded from an H9 Core or was originally a Max. It will still be a Max for you — the new owner.