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That freeze-type pedal features a LATCH mode:  Tap the switch to sample, and the frozen buffer will hold.  Tap the switch again, and the buffer is cleared.   At that same instant, the sample window opens back up for the next sustained note.  In the H9, that’ll mean inverting the switch action over the expression pedal extremes.

For a LATCH emulation, the ‘normal’ Aux Switch position is set to FREEZE.  Holding the Aux Switch clears the current note, and releasing the switch samples the next note / chord.  Rapid taps will back down the frozen level. For a return to dry input without FREEZE, hold down the Aux Switch for a few seconds (briefly mute your input).

Expression Pedal Heel:  DECAY  FREEZE

Expression Pedal Toe:   DECAY  4.00 S

HotSwitch Off:  MOD AMT  0

HotSwitch On:  MOD AMT  35

The HotSwitch programming brings in some of that luscious modulation in series with everything else.