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theplacidcasual wrote:


I'm hoping that someone can provide some elucidation on the subject of the Harpeggiator.

I've recently purchased the Pitchfactor (unbelievably good fun and packed with awesome sounds and endless possibilities. I'm already an addict!), however, my only grumble is based around why the Harpeggiator doesn't restart it's sequence when you, say, switch away from a banked preset to another preset and then switch back to the original?

I can't understand why anybody would want this as it almost makes the Harpeggiator unusable in a live situation as unless you have absolutely metronomic timing with the sequence audibly running throughout the duration of a song then it is difficult to ensure that you are going to be able switch back to the original bank and still be "on the money" so to speak.

Is there any workaround to this other than midi control (I'm clueless!!!) or hitting two buttons consecutively?

What is the logic behind the programming?

Also, why is there such a significant volume spike associated with this effect?

Any assistance would be very much appreciated!




Hi Neil, 

What version firmware is on your PitchFactor?  I'm pretty sure the later versions (5+) should resync the sequence whenever you change a preset.  You can also manually restart the sequence by pressing the middle button (Performance button) or hitting the Tap button once.  

Re: volume spike, this most likely due to the varying effects that can be sequenced along with the Pitch and Gate, namely the fuzz and filtering effects.  We have a preset-by-preset output gain adjustment to compensate for the variation.