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OK, one more take on RESONATOR sequencing.  This preset reverses the Aux switch action [freeze pedal FAST mode].  The default sound uses a different tap sequence over a longer LENGTH.  Shallow filters are swept downward; creating a mild filter envelope.  There’s just enough REVERB added to glue it all together.

A single shot of delay/filter taps is as ‘dry’ as this preset gets (at the default).  Press & hold the Aux switch to generate a looping sequence of the rhythmic taps.  Release the Aux switch to return back to the ‘descending tap’.

Here, the use of ‘traditional’  FEEDBACK regeneration keeps the RHYTHM more defined within the frozen loop. The HotSwitch changes the filters to a deeper negative RESONANCE, for processed, synthesizer-type filter emphasis.  There’s a cool, watery shifting effect to be had when switching between RESONANCE values.

Aux / EXP PED Heel:  FEEDBACK  FB1:   0


HotSwitch Off:  RESONANCE  2

HotSwitch On:  RESONANCE  -6