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      The previous ‘freeze’ thread drifted past strict freeze pedal-type simulations.  This next one concentrates on combining FAST, SLOW, and LATCH modes together, along with a palette of H9 algorithm effects.  As a tie-in:

      The same ‘rules’ apply here:  At a minimum, one Aux Switch mapped to control the expression pedal programming.  It’s helpful to have at least two Aux Switches here, with the 2nd mapped to HotSwitch / Performance Switch / Flex.  That will effectively control 4-in-1 preset variations.

      Anything along these lines (or better) is ideal:

      The ‘super’-successor to the freeze-style pedal features pitch-gliding effects, along with an insert for adding other pedal effects to the frozen sound.  You can accomplish much the same – plus a whole lot more – within a single H9 / ‘Factor pedal.  A basic example uses tremolo to chop up the ‘freeze’ into a rhythmic accompaniment.

      Aux / EXP PED Heel:  DECAY  FREEZE

      Aux / EXP PED Toe:   DECAY   1/4

      HotSwitch Off:   SPEED 1/8

      HotSwitch On:   SPEED  1/16

      Completely dry signal to start.  Pressing the Aux Switch ‘samples’ the reverb.  Releasing the Aux Switch freezes the buffer, with tremolo slicing it up into discrete chunks.  It will remain latched until the next switch-press.  The configured EQ parameters lend a boost to the midrange component in the frozen sound.

      Triple- or quad-tapping drops the level of the frozen slices.  Holding the Aux Switch for a beat & releasing will erase the freeze buffer.  The HotSwitch programming shifts the eighth note chopping to sixteenths.  Active tapping on either switch creates a background rhythm that closely follows your live performance technique.

      This deceptively simple preset generates many complex ‘freeze’ FX with minor tweaks of the SHAPE control:

      The default RAMP waveform has a sharp attack envelope feel.  SQUARE adds even more on-off choppiness.

      The smooth, cyclical waveforms provide the freeze with undulating envelopes; especially at a slower SPEED.    SINE and TRIANGLE give two variations on fade-in / fade-out, with PEAK adding a sloppy, double-time-like combination of smooth and steep transitions.


      Here’s where it gets very interesting.  RANDOM will shape your freeze envelope in many different ways.  As if it were a delay line suffering brownouts, and yet smoothly fading in & out.  SAMPHOLD presents the same randomness, but in a sharper, rhythmic fashion.  I don’t know many devices that will produce effects like this.

      Another gem.  Holding the Aux Switch will blend SLOW-type freeze envelopes with your dry signal.  Once the switch is released, your input can trigger the frozen buffer with strong input (crossing the SENS threshold).  In either case, dropping below the threshold triggers the Release portion of the synth-like envelope generator.

      For completeness, there’s also the ENVELOPE and EXP_PED values.  Normally these are very useful positions.  In this particular configuration, I haven’t found them to be of much use.  More power to you if you discover something appropriate for them here.  Up Next:  Multiple note audio sequencing.

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      This preset blurs the lines between freeze, short looping, & sequencers.  Versatile & highly interactive multi-FX.

      The initial default – or after erasing the delay buffer – is dry input, plus a small, bright room.  Holding down the Aux switch adds a one-shot burst of 4 resonant delay taps.  Releasing the Aux switch freezes and latches the sequence into an ‘infinite’ background loop.  Playing over the top of that is the dry signal + reverb.  Tapping the Aux switch edits the sequence, and also erases it [short hold with no additional input].


      Aux / EXP PED Toe:   FEEDBACK   FB:2   1

      HotSwitch Off:  RHYTHM

      HotSwitch On:  RHYTHM

      The HotSwitch shifts the RHYTHM sequence as a ‘live’ parameter within the frozen loop.  This preset uses the ‘disintegrator’ FEEDBACK mode [FB:2].  Those variations in the background sequence are added to the 1st Aux switch’s high level of control over the ‘captured’ signal.


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      OK, one more take on RESONATOR sequencing.  This preset reverses the Aux switch action [freeze pedal FAST mode].  The default sound uses a different tap sequence over a longer LENGTH.  Shallow filters are swept downward; creating a mild filter envelope.  There’s just enough REVERB added to glue it all together.

      A single shot of delay/filter taps is as ‘dry’ as this preset gets (at the default).  Press & hold the Aux switch to generate a looping sequence of the rhythmic taps.  Release the Aux switch to return back to the ‘descending tap’.

      Here, the use of ‘traditional’  FEEDBACK regeneration keeps the RHYTHM more defined within the frozen loop. The HotSwitch changes the filters to a deeper negative RESONANCE, for processed, synthesizer-type filter emphasis.  There’s a cool, watery shifting effect to be had when switching between RESONANCE values.

      Aux / EXP PED Heel:  FEEDBACK  FB1:   0

      Aux / EXP PED Toe:    FEEDBACK  FREEZE

      HotSwitch Off:  RESONANCE  2

      HotSwitch On:  RESONANCE  -6

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