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marco83m wrote:

gkellum wrote:

Yes, this should work.  If you look under Settings in H9 Control, there's an option "Connect MIDI Device to Eventide Device".  When you connect a Blueboard to an iOS device it creates a virtual MIDI port for the MIDI events being created by the Blueboard.  You can select that MIDI port in that H9 Control setting screen, and H9 Control will read MIDI events from the Blueboard and send them to the H9. 


Thank you! So do I stlll need an iOS device connected to the H9 when using the blueboard?

I hoped it was necessary only once for setting up the blueboard and the H9..

Yes, you'll always need to have an iOS device connected.  Oddly enough, the Blueboard doesn't have a MIDI output, and it uses a different version of the Bluetooth protocol than the H9.  So, the two devices can't directly communicate;  they can only communicate through an iOS device.