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hayes greenfield

Hi Nick thank you that was helpful.  

For my set up though I have 3 H9’s that I am using with an ipad.  Is there a way to set up either a midi controller with knobs or a Factor pedal that will enable me to edit individual patches from one of the 3 H9’s connected to my ipad at any given time?  I much prefer interfacing with knobs or sliders when editing a pactch then with the ipad.

Is there a cable that can connect both to the ipad and a Factor Pedal that would enable me to edit an individual patch on one of the H9’s?

Does the H9 IOS controller work in the way that when there are mutliple H9’s like with my set up, which ever H9 is being accessed is the one that a midi controller of Factor pedal will control?

Lastly would a bluetooth midi controller like the nanoKontrol studio do what I need?

Thanks so much!