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Its easy to set up, but it doesnt work, I have the same configuration  using two H9’s. You have to assign one H9 MIDI channel 3 as its the one with ctrl and prog changes. Assign a program change (eg 127)on your H9 to toggle Active/Bypass and then on your GSC-3 program assign a midi prog to your switch of choice and add the ctrl change. Why it doesnt work I cant figure out. if both companies adhere to the MIDI to the standard then it should. I hoop its clear trying to explain this stuff is difficult enough

ie, On your H9 set midi recieve channel to 3 | Set “toggle Active / Bypass” to 127 in “program change recieve map” |

      on your GSC-3 select Preset of choice (say 25 for e.g) and assign it to midi channel 3  | on selected preset add change for prog 25   |  assign Ctrl number 127


For Eventides information: I have assigned  program change to 127 to test if the GSC-3 sends the program nummer and it does, so the question is why does your equipment not toggle when it recieves the signal assigned? this was not a problem with my Space bx.