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Since firmware H9_5.0.1 the H9 has a problem handling midi data received from an external device like the Boss ES-8 after sending a program change. After sending a program change the H9 init the selected preset. During preset init (takes about 300ms) no other midi data is processed!. So if the Boss ES-8 sends a program change and two CC messages for setting params only the pc is handled and the other midi data is ignored. Before firmware H9_5.0.1 this was not a problem. Eventide is aware of this behaviour from december 2014. I have mentioned this in this forum and in a mail to support. On feb. 2 2016 they answered:

“Please let him know that we are aware of the problem and it is in our backlog to fix it.  It’s a hard problem to solve though as it involves timing issues which can be difficult to reproduce in a debugging environment, but thank you for mentioning the problem again.  We’ve forwarded it on to the developer responsible for the H9 OS in the hopes that he’ll push it up higher in priority in the backlog.”

Let’s hope the new firmware which is due for end of this month (Sculpt algo) has finally a fix for this…