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CC22 is the default midi control change message for setting parameter 1, which is the mix for a lot of presets, but not for all. It depends on the algo. You can set it however to every CC value you want it to be. Be aware that for now, with the firmware midi timing issues, you have to wait about 350 msec after sending a program change to the H9 before sending CC messages to successfully set parameters. So sending a PC, wait 350 msec and than send CC messages will do the trick, but the big problem is that the Boss ES-5 and ES-8, like most midi controllers, are not capable of integrating midi delays between PC’s and CC’s.

Eventide speaks of timing issues, maybe disabling the H9 takes very little midi processing power and thats why it works. Enjoy, for my H9’s it does not work…

To Eventide: Please fix this asap! It has worked in the past and should work again…