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robgraziano wrote:

I am tryng to do the same thing. I’m using an expression pedal to go between the 3rd and 4th harmony. The struggle is to get the bypass on and off quickly when you go back to the verse. If you miss Bypass the first chord back sounds ugly. Trying to figure a way out to have the pedal on 0 be bypass and then when I go above 1/2 its the 4th and 100 the 3rd. Have not been able to get that going yet. This way your foot is always on the expression and not jumping from bypass to expression and vice versa. Any ideas on this would be greatly appreciated. 

I feel your pain.

In another thread, someone requested the ability to auto-bypass the wah/pitchflex presets when the expression pedal is heal-down. I think the official response was along the lines of ‘can do’. Perhaps that option can/will be extended to all algorithms? It could certainly be useful in this case.

More generally, it would be great if we could map specific parameter values to different sub-regions on the expression pedal, in addition to gradually sweeping between two settings, one at each extreme. Like having multiple sub-presets across the sweep.