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With Lifeson, it could be be just about any effect chain – even within the same song.  The current algorithms with compression [DynaVerb; EQ Compressor; CrushStation; maybe the upcoming Sculpt algo] aren’t combined with chorus or delay.  Maybe you can ‘squeeze’ some natural compression out of your amp distortion?

For chorus with delay, the Mod Delay, Vintage Delay, or even Digital Delay algorithms would be good starting points.  To add reverb to chorus & delay within a single preset, ModEchoVerb, BlackHole, or the new SpaceTime algorithm would be the way to go.  Each one has a unique effect routing, so select an algo based on that.

Here’s one example:


If you split up the modulation and delay / reverb between two pedals, there are more options, and opportunities for fine tuning.  When I think “Rush”, chorus comes to mind immediately, followed by flanging.  [They’re not configured all that differently.]  Combining the two inside a single preset has its advantages:


You’re covered for reverb at the amp, but there’s something to be said for pre-delay into reverb.  It’s isolated nicely from the dry signal, and can give a subtle ‘bounce the back wall’ ambience that isn’t too overpowering: