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Timmy! wrote:
Are those algorithms specifically designed to clean-up? I haven’t downloaded either yet. The dynamic ‘clean-up’ character of many fuzz/treble booster/OD pedals is due to a dynamic interaction between the guitar’s pickup/volume pot and the pedal’s first gain stage. As Sculpt/Crushstation are digitally created effects, the first simulated ‘gain stage’ (assuming those algorithms implement some form of cascading gain) is isolated from the guitar by the input buffer and A/D converter, so that same kind of dynamic interaction doesn’t come ‘for free’. It would have to be specifically designed into the algorithms. As far as I know, they’re not trying to emulate analogue devices. If they are designed to clean-up (I don’t know), but do not in your rig, you might need to play with the input gain on the H9, as you may already be clipping the first ‘gain stage’ with the guitar’s volume rolled down.

What you’re saying makes logical sense.  The CrushStation and Sculpt do have some interesting things going on for perhaps special effects – I’ll have to stay with the NovaDrive and SL Drive for those sounds and use the H9 as an extra flavour for special occasions.  Thank you!