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I know that Bluetooth connectivity issues can be frustrating.  Keep in mind though that the H9 is using a Bluetooth chip that was specifically designed for use with Apple devices, and the code that is being used by H9 Control to connect to the H9 is based on sample code provided by Apple for this purpose with little to no modifications.  We also relatively rarely hear from people having trouble connecting their Macs to their H9s.  So, I don't believe these sort of connectivity issues are a general problem that stem from Eventide's implemention of Bluetooth connectivity.


There a couple of sources of problems specific to the H9 which we've heard about in the past.


(1) If a non-Eventide power source is being used, it may provide enough power for the H9 to work but not enough power for Bluetooth to work.


(2) Some H9s have had harware problems which can cause intermittent communication failures.  These have become more rare lately as we improved our Bluetooth testing procedures, but this is still a possibility.


And then, there are sources of problems that aren't specific to the H9 such as:


(1) The H9 is too far away from the computer.  


(2) There is too much RF noise in the environment which is causing interference with the Bluetooth connection between the H9 and the computer.


(3) A lot of webpages can be found on Google pertaining to general Mac Bluetooth connectivity problems.  Here is fairly thorough page with a lot of trouble shooting tips: http://www.idownloadblog.com/2016/02/01/experiencing-bluetooth-problems-on-your-mac-try-this/