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Thanks for the thoughtful reply but the only likely explanation is faulty hardware.  I’m using the factory power supply (which has always made a mechanical humming sound when plugged in – but maybe that’s normal).  The H9 is about three feet from the iMac, though I’ve also placed it immediately next to the computer.  I’ve tried accessing it from my MacBook Pro, without any better success.  I have a few other bluetooth devices I continually use without a problem: keyboard, mouse, and trackpack.

Is there a way to tell from the serial number if this is a defective unit?  Sadly, I’ve had it for almost two years, so it would likely be out of warranty, though it’s in near mint condition and has never left my home office.  I don’t even put it on the floor, but rather change settings with my hands.  I’ve ended up rarely using it since it’s so difficult to get it working it with my computer to adjust parameters, and it’s not easy to change them from the device itself.

I previously owned all the Factor pedals – TimeFactor, ModFactor, PitchFactor, and Space – and now just have the H9, which hasn’t worked out too well.