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Now, if you back off the the extreme settings in the preset above, there are subtle motion effects on tap.  Bring up compression, drop out the distortion(s), and add some LOW BOOST at the tail end.  This time, the expression pedal targets fundamentals, and sweeps the XOVER parameter from 880 Hz. down to 110 Hz.


One again, using the EQ Curves page will clearly illustrate what’s happening within Sculpt’s internal routing.  Here’s the expression pedal at the Heel position (XOVER at 880 Hz.):


And at the Toe position, with XOVER at 110 Hz.


With these kinds of lighter treatments, you can enhance the left-to-right panning with the illusion of front-to-back motion.  Pseudo 3D; with brighter reflective surfaces morphing into dampened, darker spaces.  This kind of effect pairs up nicely with some light modulation (synchronized or not), or when followed by stereo reverb.