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JES wrote:

If I'm running a 2nd H9 synced to a first, can I sync the looper in the 2nd to the delay in the first.  For instance, I have a delay set to 109bpm, can the looper be syned to start exactly with the delay on the first pedal, or would I just need to make sure I'm VERY precise with my tapping of the footswitch?



The best way to exactly sync the BPM value of the second H9 to the first H9 is using MIDICLK.   Your first H9 (running the delay) will need be set to have MIDICLK OUT to ON and the second H9 (running the Looper) will need to be set to have MIDICLK IN set to ON.  Make sure the first H9 is also set up as MIDI XMT device. You'll need a MIDI cable of course.   You can set this up in either H9 Control or the system mode on H9.  It'll all be under the MIDI menus in the system mode tree of either.