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ericatunc wrote:
My band is adding this song.  Does anyone have a preset they are willing to share?  … Sorry, I should of added that’s for an H9 preset …

Funny that this came up.  My AdrenaLinn III (which has a stellar Octavia model) just gave up the ghost, so I’ve been working out some alternatives.  I’m not sure what you have for algorithms to work with.  Is it an H9 Max?  If you don’t have the CrushStation algo (in the preset below),  there are a couple different flavors available in other algorithms, such as RingMod or Octaver.

If anything, the CrushStation octave is almost ‘too clean’ for an Octavia preset.  You won’t get the distinctive intermodulation distortion with double stops, but you can distort , EQ,  or sag the signal(s) in great detail.  The same Octavia ‘rules’ apply to bring out the octave up:  above the 7th fret, neck pickup, roll back on the tone control.  Pinch harmonics really ring out with overtones.

But those rules are meant to be broken (mid+ bridge pickup works great here).


You asked about the solo, so we’ll skip the Univibe-like modulation on the verses.  One thing I like to add downstream is ‘just a touch’ of delay; mixed to the background.  It doesn’t have to be the Vintage Delay algorithm.  Any delay will do – as long as it’s a light treatment.  It doesn’t have to come from another H9, either.