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gkellum wrote:
shinobi68 wrote:

Currently for fear of damaging the H9 I left it in the front between my Guitar and Amp input (front). However I want to place the H9 into my wet setup…this is not the FX loop (tube buffered)..it is a Line Level signal taken from the speaker wire. FYI the H9 has worked fantastic in my 5150 III 100S FX loop, I just want that cab to be dry now.

There's no risk of damaging the H9.  The thing to worry about is if the signal going into the H9 is going to clip; that certainly wouldn't be good for your speakers or your ears if everything was turned all the way up.  You might be able to do what you want to do even without the Line Level Shifter, but it should certainly work with the Line Level Shifter reducing the signal.  You might want to try it either way keeping an eye on the input meters in H9 Control in the Pedal settings section.

The Ebtech didn’t work, like I described I came from the Palmer PDI03 JB at 0db (It has a built in attenuator) and into the EBTech with and the power amp would not get enough signal, I turned off each unit in audio switcher (Lex, SDE, H9), when the H9 was on it would not process the signal for then Power Amp to work, with it off it worked fine. I took the Ebtech out and the H9 was worked fine with no clipping, but I didn’t crank the volume too much either. It sounds great so I just got to try it with the volume up, but it gets very loud in my studio with two cabs :-).

It could be that the Line Level from the Palmer at 0db is not enough to clip the H9.