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I have not read the entire wish list thread yet.  I will do so eventually but if it has not already been mentioned I have a request for a new multi effect algorythm. I see there already are some algos with more than one effect at a time.  I would love to be able to achieve an early Tom Scholz (Boston) kind of guitar tone. I’ve been doing some research and apparently there are a number of effects required to get a reasonable facsimile.  I don’t expect an exact reproduction as that would take a whole lot of work.  He apparently would mic a dimed Plexi using a power attenuator so as to not overpower the mic.  This was to capture the tone of the cab and the mic.  He’d convert the mic signal to a guitar level signal, feed that through an EQ with a very specific EQ curve, mostly accentuating mids, split the signal into 3 with some slight pitch-shift changes on each channel, one standard, one a few cents below standard, one a few cents sharp, recombine, then compression, chorus, delay and noisegate.  Then, of course, there was a lot of post production tweaking at mixdown, making it stereo and adding delay to one side, etc..  That seems like an awful lot of work for one algo.  Actually it’s a lot of work no matter how you attack it.  Lots of artists used to use his Rockman gear to achieve their tone so it wouldn’t be just another one trick pony.  The problem with going the Rocman route is that there was a specific unit for each stage of the processing, meaning you’d have to buy a lot of pieces and that gear is now very old and increasingly expensive and pretty much the only pristine stuff left is held by hoarders and Boston cult followers.  Barry Goudreau used to get a reasonable facsimile using distortion, compression, parked wah, a similar EQ curve and chorus.

I’m thinking an algo that combines a distortion with compression adjustment, a delay/chorus/verb component and some kind of Q-wah with semi-parametric EQ controls would be enough to get a person fairly close.  The 3-way split, pitch-shift and recombine would be nice too.  I could use 2 H9s if that would make it easier.