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mikeyso wrote:
1. If the item is already registered to the previous owner, how do I transfer the registration to my account?

Please send an email to support@eventide.com and send them a photo of the serial number on the back of the ModFactor.  It should look something like MF-12345.

mikeyso wrote:
2. The pedal that I got l came with a 120v adapter (and I reside in the Philippines, so I have to use a transformer with it. Standard voltage here is 220v). Can I use a different PSU, 220v, enough to cover the mA requirement? (e.g. Godlyke PSU) Doing without the need for a transformer. Or can the unit that I got work only with 110v adapters?

You can use a different power supply.  We can't recommend power supplies that we haven't tested, but if you have a regulated power supply that satisfies ModFactor's power needs (9VDC, 500mA, Tip hot (+)), it should be fine.

We do have different power supplies for sale as well on our online store: http://www.eventidestore.com/powersupplies1.html