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I know this is an old thread but it was the only one I could easily find that contained the same issue I’m finding in my Space pedal (already sent an email to support, just waiting on a reply.)  


I have sw version 5.2.06 on the pedal.  I’ve tested this in every way I can think of.  My guitar is a PRS Starla.  I’ve tried all sorts of configurations including:

guitar > space > audio interface

guitar >space > vox ac15 (clean)

guitar > rig (presense of other pedals, on or off, make zero difference) > ai or amp

Even just tried plugging nothing into input 1 of the Space pedal and the output going to my AI and listening through headphones, either monitoring the signal after going through my daw or listening to the signal coming out of the space itself.


At the end of the day, I’ve discoverd that it doesn’t matter what is before or after the space.  What matters is the bypass setting.  In Relay, it’s nearly quiet.  In DSP or DSP+FX, there’s a considerable amount of noise/hum.  It’s mostly in the 3-4.5K Hz range, as I’ve played around w/some eq settings in my daw to try to isolate it.

I’m not sure using Relay mode is ideal for my situation, and I don’t have an effects loop as others have used.

I’ve powered this unit in multiple manners.  I typically use an isolated power supply (1 spot cs-12 brick), though I’ve also used the wall wart it shipped with.  I’ve tried multiple outlets in the room…multiple rooms, even.  

I’ve run the same tests in the same manner using a strymon Timeline as well as an El capistan.  No noise with those pedals.  So, I’m reasonably sure it is (if not caused by then relating to) the bypass mode setting in the Space.  

I’m not sure how to resolve this.