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gkellum wrote:

amonwong wrote:

I just purchased the DMC3-XL Gen 3 but I realize that in preset mode, no matter how many times I set my H9 to be not active (and I saved), it activates whenever I scroll back to that preset. Is that something I am doing wrong? 

Thanks for sending that video;  it was helpful.  If you want an H9 preset to load as not active, you need to set it to not active and save it in that state on the H9.  From what I saw in the video, you were saving changes to the DMC3-XL Gen 3 but not the H9.

Oh hi gkellum, 

I actually asked on TGP before coming here and I realised the problem was that I didn’t set how the DMC was sending Midi messages. You can read the forum here. I realised I am not the only one facing this issue and perhaps, it needs to be clearer on the DMC manual as well, especially since the manual doesn’t address hooking up multiple pedals and many other things well. Definitely a steep learning curve considering it’s 3am where I am from and I am dead beat.  I didn’t realise until just now that Strymon Pedals use a A B system whereas Eventides are one digit. 


Thanks for your help anyway!