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One of my H9s died, and would not come back. I sent it in for repair under my warranty – to the dealer, they couldn’t fix it so they gave me a new one.

Yes, I was using the supplied power supply, however, I think that the connector may have shorted somehow while I was plugging it in, it seemed to be related either to the power jack, or the cable on the adapter.

It worries me, because I had one not come up again a few days ago, so I just reseated all of the AC CONNECTIONS on both ends, swapped one with another…and then they all powered up instantly. So it could even be an iffy outlet in my outlet strip.

I plan to shell out for the Eventide power supply, so I can put the wall warts in the trash…I no longer trust them.

It’s a bit of a pain, and their power supply is over priced, but hey…it’s not a wall wart.

I am really nervous because of this, and I do not need H9s to not power up – they need to be reliable. So it’s bespoke power supply for me.

All the best

Dave at pureambient