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Hi thank you!

I tried again and the second time it seemed to work: I didn’t open the H9 app (I selected ignore on the popup) when only H9 Core was connected and H9 Max was trying to connect, I waited that both were connected (when a second H9 app’s popup appeared). But then I had a new problem: when I closed the H9 app and I tried to open it again it didn’t work ’cause both H9 were disconnected.

I tried other times (rebooting the iPad everytime and switching on and off the two H9), but now I can’t connect both H9 ’cause if I ignore the first H9 app popup a second one doesn’t appear and the H9 Max is disconnected after 4/5 seconds. If I disconnect also the H9 Core and I try to reconnect it I’m not able to do it.