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I’m necro-bumping to describe a simplified grain capture preset; controlled only by the two H9 footswitches.  There’s optional control over XXX-SPEED ‘pitch’ and FILTER, using an expression pedal or Aux switch.

Expression Pedal Heel:  REC-SPEED 1/4x (PLAYSPEED 25)  FILTER 0

Expression Pedal Toe:    REC-SPEED  2x   (PLAY-SPEED  200)  FILTER 75


The ‘raw’ preset before initial recording:  Note that the MAX-LENGTH is set to 1/10 of a second.  A very small change in loop length will make a big difference in the sound results.  Tweak this parameter in tiny increments for an array of effects.

Anything much shorter than 0.10 second produces steady resonant tones.  Adjust it much higher, and individual ‘note attacks’  cycle through more slowly.  You can fine-tune parameters by holding the CTRL / CMD key with mouse adjustments in H9 Control.  In this case, you’re better off with direct numerical input [double-click to type in the value directly].


Moments after initial recording:  AUTOPLAY to PLAY mode happens almost immediately after tapping the H9’s left footswitch.  The buffer contents will trail your input with a frozen stutter effect.  Depending on where an expression pedal is in its treadle position, you can ‘pitch’ those glitchy effects up or down, or in both directions.  Low pass filtering follows that pedal sweep, to round out some of the harsher upper frequencies. 


Switching between Playback and Dubmode Punching:  Tapping again on the H9’s left footswitch (and releasing) will alternate between replacing the recorded buffer [DUBMODE REPL-PUNCH], and rapid playback of the contents.  To temporarily silence the effect, tap & release the left H9 footswitch with no input (muted).

To pause the effect – while leaving the sample loaded in the record buffer – tap the right footswitch [STOP].  To bring back the sampled PLAY, tap the H9 left footwitch.  REPL-PUNCH again with another left footswitch tap.   And to CLEAR out the current buffer – starting all over again – double-tap the right footswitch on the H9.