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Well, being a master of the obvious…

I have three H9’s – one that splits into two amps as a front end unit – this one normally takes on pitch shift and stereo sounds, and one each in the amp inserts for time based effects and reverb.  I use two seperate inserts because of ground issues, which are different on every stage.  I also use a bunch of pedals.  They are all in a short 14U rack, controlled by –  Voodoo Ground Control Pro and GCX..  Sometimes I control the amp channel switching via midi ( on Marshal and Fender combos) but thats for short shows.  I prefer to run amp switching with the amp manufactures control units.  I can assure you, I would buy the GCP/GCX system all over and over again if I needed to.  I understand, footprint is important and the GCP is wide and tall.  BUT its built to handle the rigors of daily use, and so very configurable.  

I had a snake created which links all of the performance position units (GCP, tap pedals, volume and controller pedals, amp switching) back to the rack, and a snake to connect the GCX and amp insert H9s to the amps.  Roll the rack up – take off the lids,  the amps up,  put the pedals in my performance position for the gig, connect snake to pedals,  connect snake to amps.  Play.     

I use the system for live performances where I put the songs and their configurations in set list order so that I am pushing one button to change everything (pedals, H9’s amp channels).. It makes the performance SO EASY.    I also use the same system for recording where I configure each of the buttons for a particular pedal,  and have a set of banks for favorite H9 configurations.  When I am in the recording mode, that iPAD H9 control is both invaluable and genius…   The nice part is, I store what I record, and can add it back into the live performance configuration really easy.  With cable runs kept to the very minimum,  and the almost noiseless operation of the GCX, its a joy to use in the studio.  AND AND AND…  my system can be controlled by someone back stage with another GCP or through a show controller – thats so way cool.  

Yes its wide, and tall, and takes up stage space,  but I would lose that space and hang from the rafters any day for what I get – quality, multiple configuration strategies, solid control, reduced noise and line loss, fast setup, alternate control locations, predictable results.   Thats me.

I hope you find what you are looking for, and take care..