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You are welcome.  I do come off as a bit zeleous I guess.  Sometimes a great product comes along, such as the H9’s, or the GCP/GCX, and they change my performance, production and or invention, in very significant ways.   I jump at the opportunity to talk about them.   The key is the H9’s and their amazing sonic voice.   VooDoo is the seamless tool to get all that voice out at once, with my toes..   smiley   Maybe make them do a little more than just tap, eh?

Wow – 20 years…   For something we pound on with our feet – sometimes a little too vigorously in my case, thats not a bad return on investment. 

You come at it in the right way – better.   I’m not worried so much about smaller – unless its wieght.  I went from stacks to combos a few years back.  Even then, 80 pounds each wasn’t too significant a drop.   IF I were to jump ship so to speak,  it would have to be equall in midi and switching capabilities, which are huge in my book – AND – display visibility.  In a dingy bar, or a studio, I can see all the displays and LED’s pretty well, in my performance position.  Not so on a sunlit stage – those display hoober doobers do the invisibility thing pretty well when the sun is directly pointed at them.  That would be something I would consider above size – but thats me.

You certainly are on the right track asking around.