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You may have some kind of Bluetooth issue. Is there any way you can do it by USB ?

Or, you say you have multiple H9’s. Does this apply to all of them, or just one ? If the latter, you should send it in.


Thanks Nick – Hope this helps – First, I have three devices, its all three.   I have tried each, one at a time – wthout the others turned on. I have also tried a second i-PAD (mini) now with same OS as listed above.  Same results.  Second,  why do the all the devices respond to H9 control, meaning I can register them with Bluetooth, and control them with H9 Control on each i-PAD.  Third, this is a production system that I would like to keep updated via i-PAD. I have an i-PAD on stage with me during sound check, and its far more convenient than lugging around a PC.  I can certainly do a USB update, but could we try to resolve the i-PAD connectivity itself if thats OK?   Thats more important to me than sculpt at the moment.   I know theres an answer, and it could very well be the operator..  :o) 

I wonder if the timeout is in response to the wifi connection trying to download the setup file for the H9 itself?