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I hope I’m still playing in 20 years. I have yet to really start programming the Ground Control Pro, because I had to create presets in my H9s first. I’ve done the first two banks of ten just so I have something…

It’s worked out really well, I just finished last night.

Pitch Factor handles one thing: Harmonisers and pitch shifting. I just use the factory preset numbers to access the sounds on PF and on Space for the moment.

H9 1 contains clean and EQd guitars, distortion, and boosted distortion for solos.
It also contains the two truly ambient algorithms: UltraTap and SpaceTime

H9 2 is for two things: Modulation, and the semi ambient algorithm Resonance.

H9 3 is for one thing: Delays (a lot of delays) plus just to fill it up, my favourite nine reverbs 🙂

Space handles one thing: Reverb. Atmospheres.

I’m now running them as a chain of five, and so far, thanks to short short midi cable runs and to GCP design – all five are responding beautifully every time. I may still spilt the chain at some point, but if it keeps working this well, I shouldn’t need to…we shall see.

Back to the GCP now – the really fun part, build sounds out of my three very different H9s !!