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I saw a pic the other day of a friend playing at a festival in the 70’s.   Shot from the back of the stage looking at  30,000 fans,  were the Marshalls,  my friend in bell bottoms,  his SG on,  plugged into a a big muff pi, then into a phase 90, which was plugged into an echoplex next to his mic..  That was a heck of a pedal board back then..   I still have my pi, mxr and echoplex from the same era..   :o)

I did the same thing by having a certain set of sounds relegated to each H9 – however, 2 of them are in the effects loops of each amp.  Time based Echo’s and verbs.  Pitch and phase and other etherials are at the front end..   About every few months,  I set the rig up just to tweek, then I lock it all in.  As I perform, I hear little things that I want to improve on and live is not the place I care to make changes.    Like you, I use presets – then I store them on iCloud.  I can tell you its well worth the trouble to store them there, if you can do it.   My H9’s have been rock solid, but I have been known to get all exhuberant, showing other guitarists whereever we perform, and every so often, overwrite a preset.   I do most of my H9 wild changes, when in a studio and while inventing sounds that are unique and fits the new stuff.  

I really really really like being able to program in a ‘show order’  into the GCP and then being able to set it up to access effects based on a grouping of sounds for recording.  No matter what controller – if it has the ability to do this, and control otther effects in the rack drawer,  I’m all in.