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I do not know what prompted this thread, other than the need to replicate the sound of a Boss Step Phaser on an Eventide Modfactor/H9, but that is exactly what I would like to be able to do if possible. A little background: In 1997, there was a solo electric guitar piece titled La Cité des Saules by Hugues Dufourt. The score is 4 pages long. The Materials Required/Performance Notes are 3 pages long and very specific. When the piece was written, the composer used a Boss GX-700, Digitech TSR – 24, and Digitech PCM 10 MIDI Controller. Here are the settings used for the Step Phaser:

As you may have noticed, it’s written in French. Additionally,  the exact settings for the GX-700 are written out. Unfortunately, there is a multitap delay which lasts for about 12 seconds sounding at the same time, plus a chorus effect. The resulting sound creates the impression of “sonic boiling liquid” which is actually quite effective.

I do not own a Boss GX-700 so I have no idea what can effectively be translated over to the H9 (if anything). From what you guys discovered, effects from Boss unit to Bos unit do not necessarily stay the same and if brock could not replicate a specific step phaser sound, it may not be possible. So how does the piece ever get performed? Well, in the grand scheme of things it does not get performed often, and when it does, the performers are using a Boss GX-700, Digitech TSR – 24, and Digitech PCM 10 MIDI Controller.  I would like to use the equipment I already own as much as possible. That is why I bought it, to use it. I also think finding alternate methods to create specific sounds is going to be an important (or at least useful) skill in certain areas of contemporary music sooner rather than later. Ironically, if I was a savvy shopper, the Boss GX-700 and two Digitech units could be had on the used market for less than an H9 Core, assuming I can find them and that they work.

I disagree with Honch, I think “a whole other topic on this” is necessary. wink <-That is a “wink,” not a mangled face. FYI