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Given To Fly wrote:
I do not know what prompted this thread, other than the need to replicate the sound of a Boss Step Phaser on an Eventide Modfactor/H9, but that is exactly what I would like to be able to do if possible. A little background: In 1997, there was a solo electric guitar piece titled La Cité des Saules by Hugues Dufourt. The score is 4 pages long. The Materials Required/Performance Notes are 3 pages long and very specific.


Oh dear. Thank you so much. I never even knew that a piece was/were written for that specific sound. The one thing, that I think, is that – today – when MOST algorithms are just some kind of software, and very very little actual hardware, it would be a piece of cake to produce. BTW, good to see this thread is being woke up again, after a few years. Yes, I still like the Step Phaser sound, as pulled off in the SE-70 series. Like you said “boiling pot” of something. I would love to hear that piece as I can’t find it at the moment. Thanks for the link anyway, though it is in french.