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Here we are in 2016 & this unit is still doing this behavior, albeit very intermittently. It did it a few months ago, while I was rehearsing at home. I shot a video of the display going wacko. And this past Sunday night while rehearsing with a band for an upcoming new year’s eve gig, it got “lost in space” again. This time when it happened, my volume dropped & the unit started making those “alien love secret” sounds again. I suppose it’s time to take it out of commission & replace it, since it’s long been out of warranty. But costing $400 to replace it, well…pulling the trigger on a new one makes me hesitate. There’s always a compromise pedal like the TC Electronics FLASHBACK X4 for $250…..or the BOSS DD-500 for $300….Yeah…$400 that’s a lot of scratch & no one *EVER* has any kind of discount on EVENTIDE pedals. Plus, it’s hard to replace it when it doesn’t do this on a regular basis. Then again, playing in church every other Sunday morning makes me wonder when is it going to do it live, in front of 1500 people, at a most innapropriate time, like during a slow ballad?! Not a confidence builder at all. I’ve been using a Voodoo Lab Digital power unit with it for about 3 years now, so it’s getting good clean, isolated power.

Has anyone else had any kind of situation where their TIMEFACTOR loses it’s mind, makes the display roll/spin wildly & suddenly 1940s space sounds come out of the unit?