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My timefactor freaked-out a lot, and sounded thin with less tonal quality.

Also it powered-off randomly, and if you moved the power plug it definetly will shut down and reboot.

I unmounted the pedal, unattached the ribbon cable inside  (the ribbon cable came out easlly) , blew some air  in the holes of the ribbon connector,re-attached it with strength.

I noticed when unscrewing the pedal base lid that the screws were really tight stronglyyy, I think they were pushing the bottom base lid  pressing against the power outlet little box, also noticed that the power outlet was with some marks of that preassure on the black plastic.

So this time I tighten the screws with less pressure.

The result, the pedal is not shutting off, even if you move strongly the power adapter plug against the power input and stopped freaking out 🙂

The pedal works better, I feel it sounds better after re-attaching the main cable inside…Not 100% sure about this, but I am very happy about this!